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Healthcord is Canada’s Trusted Name in Cord Blood Banking

We are proud to be Western Canada’s largest and oldest cord blood bank. We are Health Canada inspected and approved, AABB Accredited, FDA registered and actively participate in the College of American Pathologist proficiency testing program. This means that you can feel safe that your baby’s cord blood is in the best hands.

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Why Support Cord Blood Banking?

A Future Insurance Policy for All Families

Many expecting parents are not aware that cord blood banking is an option available to healthy families. Cord blood banking is intended to be a health insurance policy for the baby and the family for treating diseases later in life.

Already Being Used to Treat Over 80 Diseases

Cord blood is one of the most commonly used sources of stem cells for treating diseases, including cancers, blood disorders and genetic diseases.

Amazing Therapeutic Potential in the Future

More than 1000 clinical trials are exploring the potential of stem cells to treat life-threatening diseases like Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, diabetes, blindness and hearing loss in the future. With the rapid advances being made in stem cell research the future looks very promising.

A Perfectly Matched Sample for the Baby

If the need arises, his/her own stem cells will be a perfect match for a baby. This eliminates the need to find a matching donor.

An All Access Pass That Lasts A Lifetime

Once cryopreserved, cord blood and cord tissue stem cells remain viable for a lifetime. This means by saving newborn stem cells, parents will be providing their child the chance to access future stem cell therapies as they become available.

Improves The Health of The Entire Family

There is a very high chance that a newborn’s stem cells will match other family members. Cord tissue stem cells for example have likelihood of a 100% match to parents, 75% to siblings and 25% to grandparents.

Improve the Health of Your Community

Help us spread the word about stem cell banking and make money doing it.